Workshops and Training

1984 SELF-ESTEEM SEMINAR with Jack Canfield—based on becoming more aware of personal identity and improving self-esteem. 30 hrs

1985 INSIGHT TRANSFORMATIONAL SEMINAR—The Awakening Heart education for the upliftment of mankind.   30 hrs

1988 THE SUCCESS FACTOR with Martin Rutte—developing a workplan for weeding out belief systems and taking personal responsibility. 20 hrs

1988 THE ART OF JOYFUL LIVING at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Exercises in awareness, trust, movement, creative expression. 24 hrs

1988 SELF-ESTEEM at Kripalu Center—the practice of radical self-exceptance. 24 hrs

1990 PROSPERITY TRAINING—a class that examines beliefs about the energy of money. 10 hrs

1990 PATRICIA SUN at Keewaydin Club in Naples, Florida—a workshop on taking the next step in transformation. 15 hrs

1990 BODYWORK TRAINING at Kripalu Center—a month long certification program on Kripalu Bodywork flow, anatomy, massage basics. 200 hrs

1991 NIMMO—workshop on Trigger Points held at Logan Chiropractic. 16 hrs

1991 ENERGY BALANCING at Kripalu Center—focusing on the yogic approach to harmonizing the flow of vital energy in the body. 24 hrs

1991 PATRICIA SUN in Kansas City—a workshop on consciousness. 15 hrs

1991 UNIVERSAL ENERGY MASTER—three levels of training from Vietnamese Master Dang in utilizing universal energy to heal through the Chakras. 48 hrs

1992 LOVING RELATIONSHIP TRAINING (LRT)—in-depth exploration of patterns in relationships. 30 hrs

1992 SPIRITUAL HEALING—LAYING ON OF HANDS at Esalen Institute– teaching practical methods for healing using intentionality. 30 hrs

1993 CORE ENERGETICS with Siegmar Gerken. Using energy and 20 hrs consciousness and breathwork to liberate our core. 18 hrs

1993 AWAKENING YOUR INNER HEALER with Yogi Amrit Desai at Kripalu Center. Intensive classes with the Yogi on Consciousness and our natural state of perfect health. 30 hrs

1993 PHOENIX RISING YOGA THERAPY—assisted yoga postures that guide clients to explore sensations that lead to uncovering patterns. 64 hrs

1994 DANSKINETICS at Kripalu Center—a journey of inner rhythms and expressive movements. 24 hrs

1994 CAROLINE MYSS—your biography becomes your biology. A class on Medical Intuition. 9 hrs

1994 THE SACRED SOURCE—LIFE, DEATH, AND CONSCIOUSNESS: Institute of Noetic Sciences exploring what it means to die and therefore how to live your life. 30 hrs

1995 DONNA EDEN—MAPPING THE ENERGY BODY—affecting the body and energy with exercises, meridians, chakras, and NLP points. 15 hrs

1995 HEALING AND REJUVENATION CONFERENCE in Italy at the Grotto Guisti Spa with Louise Hay, Jean Shinoda Bolen and others. 30 hrs

1995 DR. HAPPINESS—Lessons on a system of thought that teaches you to become aware of your thoughts and enjoy them. 20 hrs

1995 PRANIC HEALING—with Stephen Coo. A holistic approach to treating a variety of ailments using pranic/chi energy. 20 hrs

1995 ILANA RUBENFELD—a workshop using bodywork and dialogue to aid in releasing blocks resulting from emotional traumas. 30 hrs

1995 ADVANCED FOOT REFLEXOLOGY—a class on specific reflex points in the feet that correspond to the whole body. 8 hrs

1995 PRESENT CENTERED AWARENESS THERAPY—developing awareness skills in the body to contact levels of consciousness. 16 hrs

1995 CAROLINE MYSS & RON ROTH—invoking the Sacred for healing, guidance, abundance, and relationships. 9 hrs

1996 INTUITION TRAINING, PART II with Caroline Myss and Norm Shealy using archetypes to understand patterns and levels of consciousness. 28 hrs

1996 RADIX—BODY ORIENTED PSYCHOTHERAPY—working with emotion through breathing, movement, and dialogue. Research project. 40 hrs

1996 ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE—many sessions in habitual ways of standing, moving, and posture. 30 hrs

1996 THE SPIRIT IN HEALING—Institute of Noetic Sciences. Workshops with Deepak Chopra, Caroline Myss, and Ilana Rubenfeld and others. 32 hrs

1996 HEALING TOUCH—Levels I, IIA, IIB, IIIA, IIIB—an energy based therapeutic approach to restore harmony and balance in the human energy system by creating an optimal environment to enable the body’s innate tendency for healing to occur. 75 hrs

1997 ROSEN METHOD—Touch that listens to who we are as our authentic selves holding back or letting go. 42 hrs

1997 WILLARD FULLER—83 year old spiritual healer who specializes in dental healings. 22 hrs

1998 HEALING TOUCH AND HYPNOSIS—using words that heal during Healing Touch and Chakra Balancing. 20 hrs

1998 HEART EMPOWERMENT, HEARTMATH INSTITUTE—Using the natural intelligence of the heart for healing and stress relief. “Heart-based living,” IHM founder Doc Childre wrote, “helps you learn to live in the now, bringing more of your real self into each moment. Increased fulfillment is the result of this process.” 18 hrs

1998 QUESTING SPIRIT: Institute of Noetic Sciences—many different presenters on spiritual topics. 20 hrs

1998 REIKI, LEVEL I & II. A Japanese healing aspect of Universal Life Energy. 20 hrs

1998 INTUITION, IMAGERY, & HEALING with Belleruth Naparstek specializing in guided imagery and trance-induced states. 9 hrs

1999 ISSSEEM—INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR THE STUDY OF SUBTLE ENERGIES AND ENERGY MEDICINE—a conference on intentionality and consciousness. 20 hrs

1999 HEALING WITH ANGELS with Laura Mead & Peter Selby on the nature of astral realms and their impact on health. 16 hrs

1999 PSYCH-K (Psychological Kinesiology)—a process that helps you communicate with your subconscious mind to change beliefs that are not serving you. 20 hrs

1999 BIOLOGY OF PRAYER with Caroline Myss and Ron Roth—a workshop on the healing power of prayer. 9 hrs

2000 OZARK RESEARCH INSTITUTE—the power of thought featuring healers, farmers, and dowsers. 25 hrs

1999 ADVANCED PSYCH-K (Psychological Kinesiology)—Identifying and changing subconscious beliefs through various brain and body balances. 30 hrs

2000 OZARK RESEARCH INSTITUTE—many different types of healers such as Native American or dowsers. 25 hrs

2000 ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY CONFERENCE—Many life-changing techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Tapas Accupressure Technique (TAT), Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Be Set Free Fast ( BSFF), and others that work with energy, chakras, and meridians. 42 hrs

2001 ADVANCED PSYCH-K—repeated earlier workshop to expand methods. 30 Hrs

2002 REIKI MASTER—attuned to Usui Healing Energy.

2003 ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY CONFERENCE (ACEP) New Paradigms for healing with courses in The Magic of Belief, Be Set Free Fast, Instant Intuition, Spoon-bending, Kinesiology and others. 35 hrs

2003 ENERGY THERAPY BOOT CAMP with Carol Tuttle. How to become the ultimate Energy Therapist with dramatic results. 30 hrs

2004 EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE (EFT) with Gary Craig and Dr. Joseph Mercola –Using the tapping technique of certain meridians or energy pathways to overcome trauma and dis-ease. 20 hrs

2004 OPTION INSTITUTE in Sheffield, MA. Month-long program at Happiness Boot Camp, developed by the author of “Happiness is a Choice” volunteering in Human Resources and as an Option Dialogue Process explorer. 1 Month= 200hrs.

2004 ANIMAL COMMUNICATION with Amelia Kincade learning how to talk and listen to what animals are communicating with humans. 16 hrs

2006 HAWAIIAN LOMILOMI–An ancient healing art that works on body, mind, and spirit handed down from Hawaiian Kapuna Auntie Margaret. 20 hrs

2007  OZARK RESEARCH INSTITUTE–Power of Thought seminar with various healing modalities. 30 hrs.

2008 CHINESE FACIAL MASSAGE and BELAVI FACELIFT MASSAGE–Face Reflexology feels wonderful and leaves you looking very refreshed. 20 hrs.

2009 CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY I–gentle techniques to normalize the craniosacral system and allow the body to self-correct. By unraveling pain and dysfunction at the source, you naturally help eliminate stress, strengthen resistance to disease, and enhance health in every dimension. 30 hrs.

2010 FOUR SEASONS SPA TRAINING in :Bamboo Lemongrass Scrub,Espresso Mud Wrap, Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap,Warm Stone Massage, Balinese Massage, Chakra Balance, Prenatal Massage

2010 OZARK RESEARCH INSTITUTE–Power of Thought classes on Energy Psychology and Energy dowsing with Ramon Grace. 16 hrs.




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