About Lucy


Lucy Moorman is a Massage and Energy Therapist, Writer, Photographer and Editor. Lucy has been a Massage and Energy Therapist since 1990. She was trained at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, a nonprofit educational retreat center. She has continued her education to include Healing Touch, Pranic Healing, Reiki Master, Craniosacral Therapy, Universal Healing Master, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Chakra massage, Energy Balancing and Balinese massage. Lucy combines massage with energy work transporting you into a transcendent state of relaxation, a melting away of tension– like a mini-vacation. She worked for Four Seasons Hotel and Spa for four years.

Lucy utilizes energy in a variety of ways including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and PSYCH-K which clear negative energy.

Lucy is also a writer, photographer and editor. She creates videos from still photos for websites, blogs, businesses, artists, memorial tributes, meditation and real estate. She worked in television for 20 years as a video editor. She has also had many photography exhibits.

Lucy loves traveling and learning new things. This has led her down many interesting paths. Lucy lived on the beautiful and enchanting Big Island of Hawaii for 2 years where she swam with dolphins and manta rays. Lucy currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her 17 pound Maine Coon cat named Magic.


Why have I been a loyal client of  Lucy Moorman’s for over 20 years? After I was diagnosed with breast cancer,  I went to Lucy weekly for massage and energy work. I survived both the cancer and chemo with few side effects, due in part to Lucy’s efforts. Another time, after emergency eye surgery for a detached retina, she came to my home and did energy work on my eye.  The doctor was most impressed that I healed so rapidly and so completely. These days I enjoy good health and continue to see Lucy to maintain my health, peace of mind and well-being. E.K.

I had a convulsion that sent my back out so badly that I could barely walk.  I had to use a walker for a month and feared I’d be like this for the rest of my life.  I saw a chiropractor as well as  a different massage therapist and it only made things worse.  I was in constant pain, depressed and could hardly sleep or walk. Lucy Moorman offered to do some gentle energy work on me.  I am also a massage therapist and understand the many different forms of massage modalities so I was open to this gentle work.  To my amazement when she was done, I practically jumped off the table…..feeling absolutely NO pain.  I have done energy work in the past myself and know how powerful it can be, but so much depends on the practitioner.  I am forever grateful for Lucy’s touch that day.  She is very “present” when she works on you as well as kind and gentle and the results are profound.  One is lucky to have a massage from Lucy!  V.M.

The massage was very good and Healing Touch put me in a state of complete and deep sleep. Wonderful! B.M.

A session with Lucy is like going on a trip and coming back with less baggage. B.J.

Lucy knocked me out! I was so relaxed. How did she do that? A. R.

Lucy has a special touch and combines healing touch and massage in truly unique way. I love the combination of half massage and half energy work.  M.W.

Lucy’s massage/healing touch is so gentle and soothing. I can feel the tension melting away. It’s so nice to get a massage that isn’t painful.    K.K.

Wow, Lucy’s massage took me someplace I’ve never been before. Aww, do I have to come back?  L.L.

I think I had no thoughts for awhile. I’ve never felt that before. B.W.

When her hand was on my head, I felt the top of my head open up and release. I didn’t even know it was closed. E. A.

I felt like I was floating in water looking up at all the fish. Very relaxing! E.H.

At two months pregnant, I felt a greater connection to my baby.  T.P.

I’ve never been so quiet. That was fantastic. L.C.

I felt like I was here and somewhere else at the same time. J.B.

That was wonderful. I’ve never felt so relaxed. N.S.

When Lucy went down my back, my nose opened up. Now I can breathe better. J.L.


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