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The power of deep relaxation:
 Lucy Moorman has been working in the Healing Arts since 1990.
Lightworks Energy Therapy
The Half and Half—half Massage and half Healing Touch: $80
Back and neck massage
Mind Clearing—gets the mind to quiet down
Magnetic unruffling—pulls off old energy
Chakra Balance
Foot massage and reflexology
Hawaiian Lomilomi massage:  $125
An ancient healing art that is taught and handed down generation to generation.  It is a rhythmic massage like ocean waves that has a profound effect on the muscles as well as the activity of the blood and nervous system.  It is known as loving touch–a connection of heart, hand and soul with the source of all life and the spirit of aloha.
The Balinese Massage: $125
Long flowing strokes connect each side of the body with a rhythmic massage that pulls off old energy and creates a new deep sense of well being. Warm stones create even greater connection to your inner self.
Face and Foot massage:  $80
Facelift massage, Chinese facial massage and face reflexology.  It feels wonderful and leaves you looking very refreshed.  It’s the utmost in pampering!  Foot massage and foot reflexology is included in the session.
Quantum Release Work: $80
Chakra balancing during a visualization process that takes you into a theta mind state for healing on all levels.  This is very relaxing and deep work that brings about change at subconscious levels and leaves you with a sense of peace and well-being.
$45 Healing Session:
Are you dealing with physical or emotional pain?  In this session, Lucy uses focused healing energy that quickly relieves pain and speeds healing.  She is “attuned” in many different healing frequencies such as Universal Healing Energy Master, Reiki Master, Healing Touch, Spiritual Healing and Pranic Healing.  These sessions are shorter and a great value.
Lightworks Energy Therapy:  $90
Energy Therapy clears emotional energy that is the result of negative thinking and beliefs. Lucy uses a combination of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and PSYCH-K®.   EFT quickly dispels negative thoughts and feelings and clears the way for new insights. PSYCH-K® is designed to change subconscious beliefs that limit your full potential by utilizing both brain hemispheres in various balancing techniques. Through muscle testing, we can access your core beliefs and change them.

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  1. The incredible photograph on your home page is enough to take me away to a beautiful place and is so relaxing and calming. Is this one of your photographs? Where was the photo taken?

    • HI Pam, Thanks for looking at my website. I wish I could take credit for the home page photo but it is part of wordpresses template. I think it’s spectacular but I don’t know where it is or who took it. All the other photos are by me. thanks

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